Monday, 11 February 2008


Now look what I've done .... !!

Hi folks, 

It's yet another maniacal Monday in old London Town, and in a moment of restful madness I thought what can I reasonably do to take my mind off writing about Closed Circuit Television? 

I know, I'll set up a blog so at least then I can get to write loads of meaningful tosh about whatever I like; but then the obvious problem is I really don't know that much about anything ... other than video surveillance!

So that leaves me with a bit of a quandry. Do I stick to my chosen subject or drift off aimlessly into the high and rarified atmosphere of bluish sky thinking, whatever that happens to be.

Oh well I've done it now, so we'll just have to see how this blogging lark goes.

What can I tell you? Wellll .... I'm actually a CCTV Advisor by profession, which is what I like to describe as a Consultant without attitude. My specialisation is so specialised that I really only do it for special people. 

OK so I'm a CCTV System Profiler; that'll teach you to be curious!

Which means ?.... I analyse the problems that people are trying to address using security cameras, and then work out the most efficient way of achieving those objectives; simple eh?

The only slight problem is that CCTV System Profilers are about as popular as an ice cream salesman on the dark side of the moon. If a client is starting from scratch they rarely want to spend any money on doing something they think they can do just as well themselves, and if they already have a camera system in place, they certainly don't want to part with any hard earned cash on employing the services of someone who is going to tell them they've done it all wrong.

Methinks this probably wasn't a particularly smart career move.

Oh well, after almost 30 years in the biz, I suppose it's best to stick with the devil you know.

There you go, first post done, which was surprisingly less painful than I had expected, but then I don't have to read it!

Hopefully my next bit of scribbling will be a bit more 'on topic', but if you want to see what I get up to on an average working day, you are always welcome to visit my humble website.

Great start. It's tough getting your wind up on these things. Stick with it. You'll be fine.

I like what you have to say about potential customers not wanting to pay for Master's work. I've seen it in photography.

Old clients say good-bye as they move their photography in-house. They hire someone at a third of the rate they were paying. This "photographer" turns out crap on his point-and-shoot. Their ad campaigns tank. They come calling again.

The key to the cycle is to be financially stable - able to weather the ups and downs. I've always said, no matter the industry, a true master craftsman will never want for work very long.

Hang in there.

Jim Hoerricks
Forensic Photoshop
Thanks for your kind comments Jim;

As I've also got a grounding in photography, I can easily relate to much of what you're saying.

Video Surveillance (CCTV) is slightly different in so far as producing decent images on screen isn't really the whole story.

It's actually a lot more complex in terms of combining both technology and technique in order to achieve an optimised result. Unfortunately, for the vast majority of people working in this industry, that simple fact can prove somewhat illusive.

And without wishing to appear over dramatic, when it comes to correctly applying CCTV, it is fair to say that peoples lives often depend on it being done properly.

I think I'm depressing myself now ....
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