Tuesday, 12 February 2008


Taking a lead on using Closed Circuit Television

It's possibly fair to say that in an average week, I'll probably get to read through perhaps 2-300 stories about CCTV and video surveillance, so it's not that often I actually get to see something which makes me smile.

This story courtesy of those top newshounds at the BBC, has gone a long way towards renewing my faith in man's ability to spare no cost, when it comes to keeping an eye on his very best friend.

The idea that a "state of the art" CCTV vehicle costing many tens of thousands of pounds (perhaps US$ 100k, € 75k), could be tasked with tracking a gundog, whilst a gunman could conceivably go unnoticed just around the corner, somewhat beggars belief.

Will it tackle a genuine problem by helping to improve the 'clear up' rate? Quite possibly.
Can it be relied upon to bring more money into the council's coffers through the levying of "on the spot" fines? Undoubtedly. 

Could the same be said of tackling gun crime? 

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