Wednesday 23 April 2008


As the IFSEC 2008 Security Event rapidly approaches

Having only recently started this Blog, I thought I'd treat myself to some time off during March, although if the truth be told, it didn't really work out quite as I expected.

On my main site, I decided this year to have a go at developing a proper Show Section, for the forthcoming IFSEC 2008 major security event, to be held at the NEC Birmingham 12th - 15th May. 

In previous years I've managed to keep it to a few pages, but this time for reasons unknown, the great idea has suddenly become something of an uncontrollable beast, with around 35 pages in the section, and more being added now on an almost daily basis.

It's been interesting, exhausting and frustrating, although not necessarily in equal measures. Mind you, I never mentioned the word rewarding ... the jury is still out on that one!!

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